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Donate Life - Nebraska - Transplant Games of America

Celebrating the Gift of Life!

More than just an athletic event, the Transplant Games of America is a celebration for everyone connected to organ donation and transplantation. Donor families, living donors, transplant recipients and a host of others who have been touched by the impact of organ donation will join the Salt Lake City community in “Celebrating the Gift of Life.”

The Transplant Games of America is a festival-style event for athletes who have undergone life-saving transplant surgery or who are living donors.TeamNebraska

Team Nebraska is a small but mighty team made up of amazing individuals. Donor families, whose “gift of life” makes this all possible, cheer the team on whatever the sport may be. They are our anchors, despite their own pain and personal loss. We support each other through activities and events along with tears of happiness and sorrow. We athletes, family, donors, and friends will leave the Transplant Games of America as changed people.

Team Nebraska is an independent team run by volunteers. We do not focus on medal count, but on achievements, accomplishments, and new found friendships.


5K Road Race - Badminton - Basketball - Bowling - Cycling - Golf - Racquetball - Swimming - Table Tennis - Tennis - Track and Field - Volleyball

Donor Families

Donor Families will have the opportunity to meet the other donor families and transplant recipients and can participate in a variety of events centered on the moving and heartfelt act of giving the “Gift of Life.”

Families can share stories and see how their gifts of life have save thousands of recipients’ lives.

How can you help?

Teams are fully responsible for all costs of participation, including registration, travel, hotel, and meals. Donations can help defray the costs of many of our athletes.

We welcome you to join TEAM NEBRASKA! Come help us represent Nebraska in the 2018 Transplant Games of America.


When: August 2 -7, 2018

Where: Salt Lake City, Utah

Registration: Transplant Games of America

Contact Team Nebraska at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..